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 Key Way To KIDS 


 We have strong relationships in Our community and with small businesses who  are willing to also hire these children who will come from up under our training and leadership. I will send you those references so you can put it with proposal. As you see, i added the social networking in the training as well. This way i'll or we can kill to birds with one stone....I attach some documents so you can have an ideal of how and what it we'll be doing in our sessions

 The student will create a music video from commercial or other recorded tape and a music selection. The music video will be the length of the music selection, planned on the appropriate form. After selection of music, the student will "log" the video segments to be used, check the length of each and total. The total length of video must equal music selection length - before going to the editor. Use MAC or Cassie to edit - record in video segments, trim, title, record in sound, mix audio and send out to tape.

City 2 City TV  Director Corey Pope

 14111 E.7mile, Detroit, MI 48205

SHOOT FILM, NOT PEOPLE....This way you get rich without cursing your life
— with Sonya Baker, Tracey Spencer, Keigh Jeigh's Place and 17 others at Matrix Human Services.

 Positive News In Detroit
City2City Television (Positive News) has a latchkey program that teaches broadcasting and video production. Classes FREE until the New Year..Looking to have your event cover by the media well call us, We only highlight the positive side.
— with Kibwe Pope, Nicole L Adams, Kibwe Corey Pope and 26 others at Matrix Human Services.

I will be posting all the projects from the kids in my Latchkey Program.I'm looking for a Creative Kids.Under My leadership these children get paid so if that fits a child you know please sign up [email protected] or call 2482474244
— with Sheila Thomas, Randy Robinson, Erica TheOneUWishUWere Daniels and 37 others at
I Help Children JumpStart Their Entreprenuership. I Teach Skills & Trades. Also I provide Jobs as young as 8yrs. My classes are free I operate off donations. Sign Your Child Up today ages 8-18.Contact Kibwe [email protected] or call 2482474244…"POSITIVE DETROIT EXIST IN ME"