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Imagine every bulletin board in every coffee shop, office, school and house of w
orship connected together to create ONE MASSIVE COMMUNITY DATABASE.

You could find what you need and share what you have with just a few clicks. We'd all know what was out there and things would get done more easily!

You don't have to imagine: is making that happen starting in Detroit, Michigan! Join us and let's take this network around the world!

David's Forgotten Detroit


Chris' Historic Walkerville [Windsor]


 The Snowsuit Project

MHouston's 360Michigan

Belle Isle Aquarium

Nick's The Detroiter

Ed's Detroit Kid's Shows


Rick's Hastings Street Tour Detroit History

Steve's Critical Detroit

Charles H Wright  Museum

Underground Railroad The Mission of the Friends of First Living Museum is to provide transformational learning opportunities that result in positive change in the lives of the ?young in age? and the ?young at heart.? It does this by providing interactive, ?hands on,? living experiences which result in more confident, competent, caring individuals with increased understanding and respect for all cultures, races, and religions.


 free for community 

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Free for community


 free  for community

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